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Our goal is for our pipeline and energy facilities to operate 安全 every day so that the public, our workforce and the environment aren’t affected by an incident involving our assets. 安全是,也将永远是我们的第一价值观.


Our commitment to safety isn’t just a mantra – it’s how we work 24/7, 一年365天,贯穿整个组织. 如果不安全,我们就不做. By reinforcing a disciplined set of rules and providing rigorous training, we approach every day with our goal of a zero-incident workplace.


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In 2018 and 2019, TC Energy has received recognition for our safety performance by:

  • The Canadian Gas Association (CGA) – TC Energy’s Canadian Gas Operations won the ‘CGA Corporate 安全 Award for 员工 安全’ for being a best performing Canadian 天然气 operational company. This complements previous CGA awards received by this group including recognition for vehicular safety.
  • The Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) – TC Energy was honoured with a ‘2018 CEA President’s Award for 安全 Excellence in Generation’ in recognition of our safety record.

也, in 2016, TC Energy won the American Gas Association award for the third consecutive year for lowest injury rate among transmission operators.