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A leader in responsible energy infrastructure

With one of North America’s largest energy infrastructure portfolios, no one powers day-to-day life like TC Energy. We share technical, stakeholder and operating expertise across all of our operations.

Our 能源解决方案 aim to leverage the size and scale of our 能源网络 and trading platform to be the most trusted and reliable source of low carbon energy for the North American industrial, oil and natural gas sectors.


Positioned to be the most trusted and reliable resource of low carbon energy for North America’s industrial, oil and natural gas sectors.


93,300 km (57,900 miles) of pipeline and more than 653 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of natural gas storage in 加拿大, 美国.S. 和墨西哥.

石油 & 液体

4,900-km (3,000-mile) pipeline network supplying 阿尔伯塔省 crude oil to U.S. markets in Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas and 美国.S. 墨西哥湾沿岸.

权力 & 存储

Investments in seven power-generation facilities with a capacity of 4,300兆瓦, enough to power more than four million homes.



When the heat goes on in Edmonton, lights turn on in Arizona, or a family buys gas in Guadalajara, TC能量在那里. Explore our pipelines and facilities across North America.




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24x7 Carbon-Free 权力 Solution

TC Energy offers a first-of-its-kind 24x7 Carbon-Free power product in the province of 阿尔伯塔省, positioning customers to manage hourly power needs with cost certainty AND achieve decarbonization goals by sourcing power from emissions-free assets.



The 艾伯塔省碳网 (ACG) is a carbon transportation system reaching the province’s largest sources of industrial emissions. Designed to be an open-access system, the ACG will serve as the backbone of 阿尔伯塔省’s emerging carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) industry, connecting the Fort McMurray region, the 阿尔伯塔省 Industrial Heartland, and the Drayton Valley region to key sequestration locations and delivery points across the province, and serving multiple industries. 完全建成后, the system will be capable of transporting more than 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually.


阿尔伯塔省 权力 Marketing

在总, TC能源管理, operates and markets close to 450 megawatts (MW) of electricity in the 阿尔伯塔省. TC Energy is directly involved in all facets of the 阿尔伯塔省 power market with expertise in power marketing and trading, 代发展, retail services (billing and load settlement) and regulatory issues.



With access to major producing basins in North America, the ANR system transports natural gas from Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana to cities and towns in Wisconsin, 密歇根, 伊利诺斯州和俄亥俄州.



Supporting the ANR管道 system and ready to serve Midwestern communities, the ANR存储 fields have a combined maximum working storage capacity of 57 billion cubic feet of natural gas.


Bear Creek Cogeneration Plant

Located in the community of Grande Prairie, 阿尔伯塔省, Bear Creek Cogeneration Plant produces up to 100 megawatts of electricity to both Weyerhaeuser’s Grande Prairie Pulp and Sawmill and 阿尔伯塔省’s competitive electricity market.


Bécancour Cogeneration Plant

The Bécancour 权力 Plant is a 550 MW cogeneration facility located in Bécancour, Quebec. It can supply electricity to Hydro-Québec Distribution to meet electricity demands in the province of Québec and provides a source of steam for a neighbouring company in the industrial park.



The 野牛管道 stretches 302 miles (486 km) across Wyoming and Montana to North Dakota, where it connects with another interstate natural gas pipeline.



TC能源1,412英里(2,272-km) Northern Border Pipeline Company (NBPL) connects natural gas reserves in the Western 加拿大 Sedimentary Basin with consumers in the Midwestern U.S. as well as receives and transports U.S.采出天然气.


Blackrod Connection Project

The Blackrod Connection Project is designed to provide both liquids and natural gas transportation infrastructure to support International Petroleum Corp.’s (IPC) Blackrod Project. TC Energy is proposing to develop and build a liquids pipeline and associated facilities from IPC’s proposed Blackrod Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) facility to the existing Grand Rapids Pipeline (GRP) System, ~45 kilometres (km) north of Wandering River, 阿尔伯塔省